Get Started

The first step to use apparel will be to obtain the software installers, and install the software according to the environment that the client has.

1. Get AFS Intaller file

You can download below or you can ask us to send it for you.

2. Install AFS

Now you can install AFS, in this document you will find the steps to install and upgrade AFS .

3. Get your Licence File

Once you have AFS installed, you will need a license file and start your licensing process.

4. Initialization and Setups

Now you are ready to add AFS segmentations and basic settings

Install or Update AFS on CCC

How to install or update Apparel on CCC Cloud Control Center

AFS Starter Guide

All information for initialization and implementation of Apparel, will be found in this document, according to the client’s needs, and the type of resources that need to be activated within the apparel solution.


A&F Training Videos

1. Style Management

In this section, you will find: AFS Design and Concept – AFS Raw Material – AFS Master Data

2. Workflow & Calendar

In this section, you will find: AFS Critical Path – Sale and Purchase Orders tracking

3. Inventory Management

In this section, you will find: AFS Prepack – AFS UPC Labels – AFS Pick and Pack

4. Sales

In this section, you will find: AFS Marketing Documents, Sales and Purchasing

5. Production

In this section, you will find: AFS BOM – AFS Send Out – AFS DPC – Production porcess

6. Reporting

In this section, you will find: How to install and configure AFS Reports

A&F Training Documentation

Data Migration

This section contains the necessary information to prepare and execute the data migration
of models, colors, scale, size, variables and SKUs (SAP Articles) using the DTW tool.

Apparel Migration Tool

Best practices: you can use this tool for importing data as well as deleting null codes or duplicated values.

Apparel Data Migration Tool 1.0
Version for: HANA, SQL 2014.

Apparel Data Migration Tool 2.
Version for: HANA, SQL 2016

Apparel Data Migration Tool 3.0
Version for: SAP 10

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