Today, fashion companies that find themselves hand in hand with transformation and the digital economy, focus their planning.

Administrative and business management in systems that enable their employees quick accesses, to simplify and somehow personalize
the experience that they have with the applications that will give the organization positive results.

For this reason, Argentis Systems promotes the use of Webapps in all its clients promoting a greater user experience, since each app is intended for a certain task within a certain role; once this role is defined, apps are designed and developed for each specific activity that plays that role within the company.

“Get straight access to your most common functions”

Apparel & Footwear.
Improve the user experience:
SAP UI5 apps

The design concept user-focused centers on the way in which employees work and offers a variety of business benefits:

  • Higher productivity – faster and more direct access to relevant information and applications
  • Transparency in items that need your attention – timely notifications
  • Helps users decide what to do next
  • Allows users to take quick and informed decisions
  • Greater user satisfaction

A new business model

The concept behind apps is very different from flat developments within the industry solution of Apparel & Footwear. The steps of implementation are simple:

  • Find an app within the current customer options. Apps for creation and garment inquiries, stock, creation of sales orders, purchase & production are already available. More than 35 apps to choose from.

  • Clone or copy the app and modify the necessary data. Argentis System can provide low cost services to modify and connect new apps. Development can be done internally by the client or partner as it is an open source framework. Implementation time is never more than 1 week (complex apps).

  • Assign the app to a specific user or role. After creating or modifying, the app is assigned from SAP to end users

What is Fiori Launchpad?

  • Launchpad is the entry point to SAP Fiori applications on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Launchpad displays a tiled home page.
  • Each tile represents a business application that the user can start.