Getting to know AFS

Integrate and automate critical business processes
with Apparel & Footwear for SAP® Business One

Every season, it can be difficult for customers and suppliers to predict their focus and the changing market needs. But you can react quickly when you have all the business information at your service. With the SAP® Business One application and the Apparel & Footwear vertical solution, you can easily access your company data from any place, in real time, with familiar tools and reports. You can see sales, operations and financial data, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Project Schedule Plan

The processes that are applied follow a structure. This allows us to monitor a project with all the necessary information to implement it with our clients.

1- Project Preparation
2- Business Blue Print
3- Project Realization
4- Final Preparation
5- Go Live Support

Project Preparation

Business Blue Print

  • Handover from Sales Meeting
  • Create project
  • Initial Call with partner
  • Stablish team
  • Set communication Plan
  • Adjust Project Scope and plan
  • Review contract
  • SLA review
  • Software and hardware requirements
  • Send system requirement to partner
  • Software installation
  • License product
  • Kick of meeting
  • Invite key users
  • Review product scope
  • Phase sign off
  • Schedule blueprint sessions
  • Awareness Training Demo
  • Blueprint session
  • PLM scope
  • Conduct Product Design & Development process
  • Conduct Product Lifecycle Management process
  • Conduct Costing
  • SKU and Inventory Management
  • Sales Process
  • Sourcing, Purchasing and Production
  • Data Migration
  • SDD Construction
  • Perform Fit/Gap Analysis and Identify Solution Gaps
  • Document SDD – System Design Document
  • SDD approved – sign off

Project Realization

Final Preparation

  • Configure Solution
  • Data Migration
  • Plan & Develop Training
  • Key Users Training
  • Review Common Test Scenarios and Test Strategy
  • Prepare Test Databases
  • Define Customized Test Scenarios
  • Execute Testing
  • Document Testing results
  • Organizational Change
  • Define organizational changes after blue print and configuration
  • Review Project Phase – Sign off
  • Plan End user Training
  • End User product training – By Role
  • Production Cut Over
  • Review Project Phase – Sign Off

Go Live Support

  • Review support Procedures with partner
  • Handover Support
  • Review Project Phase – Sign Off

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