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This document aims to communicate the support process provided by Argentis Systems to partners and customers to provide better and faster solutions

If you need any help, please contact
Argentis ticket
Support System

Send an e-mail, with the following details

  1. Customer
  2. Partner
  3. Database (SQL or HANA)
  4. SAP B1 and PL version
  5. Solution Name (Apparel & Footwear/WMS/OnePortal/Avatax/Hana Apps) 
    and Version.
  6. Any other addon turned on in the Company:
  7. Is the error occurring in a productive or test database?
  8. Is it just an error message? Or an unexpected behavior? Or both?.

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AFS -Platform Support Matrix

Platform Support Matrix

This overview of supported platforms for Apparel and Footwear helps you to plan your implementation or upgrade projects

Argentis Support mail

Argentis Support phone

+54 (9) 351 751-2549