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Production Orders

This recording session explains how to create AFS production orders.

Releasing Orders

This recording session explains how to release production orders.

Releasing Materials

This recording session explains how to release materials by operation.

More about Production

Production Process

In this section, you will find: AFS BOM – AFS Send Out – AFS DPC – Production process.

Cut ticket generation wizard

This wizard allows users to create cut tickets based on orders.

PDC and Wip Progress

This recording session explains PDC and Wip progress.

Cost Summary Report

Material, Productive Operation and Non-Productive Operation.

BOM Automation Wizard

The following document explains BOM Automation Wizard functionality.


This recording session shows Production Data Collection

Production Scheduling

This recording session shows planning concept and Gannt replan.

Send Out Process

This recording session shows send out process.


The Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module enables you to plan material requirements for a manufacturing or procurement process.

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